Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year Resolutions!

New Year, New Resolutions!! No that’s old saying, isn’t it?New Year to me means new beginnings, starting things afresh, wiping out the slate clean, forgetting the past, looking forward to the future, making new friends, breaking new grounds, analyzing one’s past mistakes and learning to make best from these in future. It also means unlocking your mind, overcoming your mental obstacles, trying to do the unthinkable.

It’s almost like getting a new car to drive every year! All the problems of your old, over-used car going away and you are getting a brand new one to drive, to explore things unexplored so far, visiting new destinations, soaking up the smell of that new upholstery and so on..Wouldn’t it be great if life too can be just like this? Most of you would say, ‘no it can’t be’. Really so? I think it can still be, if you look at it from such a broader view point. How is it possible? It’s no rocket science!! In my opinion, even a small effort in taking stock of your life’s goals (if you have already defined them) or even sitting down to list these down if you haven’t started yet, is all that is required to start with. Find out where you stand with respect to these goals, don’t sulk about the things you didn’t or couldn’t do last year. And then plan for taking action/s in the New Year.

New Year, New Year, Oh, you are already here,

What will I do this year, I am not so sure!

Will it be just like last year, or will be any different?

Leave all such thoughts behind, because only you can make the difference!

Look at it like it’s completely a new beginning,

Starting afresh, let’s give life altogether a new meaning!

It’s time to look ahead and plan for what’s going to be on your plate,

And it’s time to forget the past mistakes and wipe out clean your slate!

It’s time to meet new people and make new friends,

It’s also the time to explore and break new grounds!

Look at your long term goals and take charge of your life,

Plan now and bring the balance back in your life!

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