Monday, August 17, 2009

Stick to your personality

There are basically two types of people we encounter. There are the ones, who are more outgoing in nature, very open, gregarious, expressive, social (whom we call as Extrovert) and there are ones, who are solitary, silent types, somewhat reserved, keeping to themselves (whom we call as Introvert). We all know about these two terms. Each of us has been branded to belong to one of the two categories by our colleagues, friends & family.

I, as a person since my childhood has been more like a silent or a private person. I have been labeled so at every possible opportunity by my friends, family and may be even my peers/ sub-ordinates. All of these comments were made hinting clearly the incompleteness or a suggestion of not up to the mark, something lacking clearly.

Btw, did you also experience a bias towards “Extroverts”? Society at large, even past and contemporary literature and typically most of western cultures view extroverts in a much positive frame as against the introverts. Do you know why?

It is generally observed that these people stand out with their ability to talk and believe me, they can talk for hours. These are the people, who have no problems in striking conversations with strangers. These are the same people, who have so many friends. They are the ones always sought out by friends, consulted for advice, get all the interesting mail-forwards and are found to be on the phone always.

This ability of initiating conversations is of great use and thus comforting to some, as there won’t be a specter of bored train/ bus journeys! This ability is also a great boon in creating good visibility for oneself, helps to build a nice perception as well. These people can work wonders in setting up the tone, lightening the mood at any event. They are a great fit for the sales & marketing and customer facing professions and they do really well in that.

But hey, wait a minute. Such skill doesn’t come in handy when it requires deeper and focused thinking, concentrating on certain thoughts in one’s mind. So, it is no surprise that there are tons of cases of scientists, artists not belonging to this lot of people, who were labeled as mostly Introverts! Self-observation is a great virtue for such careers and introverts snuggly fit into such roles and have no qualms being labeled so. This helps them further to be left within their own space and they thrive further in such environment and focus on their endeavors.

Extroverts are so used to talking all the time that if they encounter a situation, where there is no one to talk to, it immediately leads to uneasiness, boredom and complete frustration. These people can’t sit quietly for even few minutes and such moments of peace, serenity in fact gets on to their nerve.

On the other hand look at all the benefits people like me can find. I can enjoy the solitude or the company of very few close friends it offers. I am less likely to be disturbed by other people, which save me from getting trapped with unwanted responsibilities. For such people it’s like a paradise to discover such moments. Once in such situation, they thank God and without wasting any more minute, soak in the peaceful surroundings. People like me can find the required solitude even when there is hustle bustle in the surroundings. It provides me opportunity to pick up a good book and get captivated by the beauty of the written word. I also save loads of money on my phone bill.

So, it doesn’t matter if you belong to a particular type. Stick to who you are and all is fine in the world, no matter what others say. As far as I am concerned, let those social and gregarious ones have all the fun in the world along with their fat phone bills, I am fine with my own solitude and peace of mind.

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